Posted by: Greg Ness | September 26, 2007

Blue Lane Announces VirtualShield 4.0

VirtualShield 4.0 Screen Shots 

You read it here first…. will cross the wires tomorrow AM.



VirtualShield 4.0 Introduces Integration with VMware® VirtualCenter,

Auto-Provisioning, Network and Application Flow Visibility and Policy

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Sep 26, 2007 Blue Lane Technologies today announced the October 5th general availability of VirtualShield 4.0, the first VM security solution to deliver real-time network flow visibility and security by protocol, operating system, application and VM cluster.   The latest version of the award-winning VirtualShield features VirtualFlow™ Center console management, integration with the VMware VirtualCenter, template-based deployment of VM shields, and data center, cluster, host and VM-level vulnerability protection, policy and visibility into network flows. 


Existing VirtualShield features also included in VirtualShield 4.0 include: dynamic cluster/VM risk reports; VM vulnerability detection/correction; VM operating system, application and port-based policy administration and dynamic content updates. Blue Lane is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner.

Blue Lane‘s VirtualShield 4.0 offers dynamic views into VM traffic, giving operations and security teams unprecedented VM traffic intelligence and unparalleled protection against attacks on any unpatched VMs,” said Mark Achtemechuk, virtualization practice lead at Long View Systems.  “We are recommending VirtualShield to all of our customers deploying VMware Infrastructure 3.”

Addressing the unique challenges of VM security, VirtualShield is the only virtualization solution that:

—        Is tightly integrated with the VMware VirtualCenter, allowing enterprises to quickly deploy VirtualShields on ESX 3 servers;

—        Protects VMs without tuning, signatures or downtime, regardless of whether the VMs are offline, motioned or reverted from snapshots;

—        Provides up-to-date protection and network flow visibility with no configuration changes and zero footprint on the guest VM;

—        Delivers appropriate and highly accurate protection for specific application vulnerabilities without requiring any manual tuning or reboots; and

—        Delivers very high availability with very low latency and very limited vulnerability, even against attacks designed to evade traditional IPSs.

“As organizations deploy more VMware to reap the benefits of virtualization, they want to ensure they maintain a strong security profile,” commented Jeff Palmer, president and CEO at Blue Lane Technologies. “Blue Lane’s VirtualShield is designed to work side by side with VMware Infrastructure 3 to deliver enhanced security and visibility for server VMs, providing another reason to confidently expand the use of virtual infrastructure.”


“The VirtualFlow Center and VirtualShield 4.0 products continue the Blue Lane tradition of providing high availability and operationally-friendly solutions to secure enterprise servers and VMs,” commented Allwyn Sequeira, senior vice president, engineering and operations at Blue Lane Technologies. “The tight integration with VMware VirtualCenter, and cluster-level auto-deployment, visibility, vulnerability protection, and policy, enable rapid yet secure virtualization of enterprise servers without the typical operational pain.”


Blue Lane VirtualShield 4.0 will be available October 5th for immediate download at: Customers may purchase from Blue Lane resellers or download a 15-day evaluation version.

 About Blue Lane Technologies Inc.

Blue Lane is the leading provider of vulnerability shields for physical and virtual server infrastructure. Providing instant mitigation for unpatched server vulnerabilities, Blue Lane helps organizations to shield unpatched servers and VMs without signatures, tuning, reboots or downtime. Blue Lane received the InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award in January, 2007. In May 2007 Blue Lane won Best of Interop in security.  In July 2007 it became the first network security vendor to pass a comprehensive battery of interoperability tests at Microsoft, with no false positives.  In September 2007 Blue Lane also won a Best of VMworld finalist award in Data Protection.  Blue Lane is headquartered in Cupertino, California. For more information, contact the company at


VMware is a registered trademark or trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions.  Blue Lane is a registered trademark and VirtualShield and VirtualFlow Center are trademarks of Blue Lane Technologies Inc.  Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and/or its affiliates.


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