Posted by: Greg Ness | October 23, 2007

2008: The Year of Production Virtualization?

It is no secret that VMware’s growth prospects will depend to a large part on the proliferation of virtualization in production data centers.  That is why two things I saw today caught my eye:  PC World published an insightful article about the impact of data center expense on IT budgets; and Gartner weighed in on its Top 10 with some interesting commentary from David Marshall via the InfoWorld blogs about the role of virtualization in much of the top 10. 

“When talking about Gartners top 10 list, [Andrew] Hillier made an interesting observation when he said that virtualization has become the unwitting enabler for many of the top 10 items listed by Gartner. And he added that many of the top 10 issues didn’t even exist when virtualization was first conceived, yet its advantages in efficiency and flexibility make it an obvious choice to deal with many of them.”– David Marshall, InfoWorld blog 

Special thanks to PC World, Rich Miller and InfoWorld for the reports.  I saw the Gartner comments initially via Rich’s blog.


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