Posted by: Greg Ness | October 31, 2007

Enterprise Bots Undetected – Dark Reading

Another report from the security frontlines by Kelly Jackson Higgins at Dark Reading about inabilities to detect/prevent attacks on enterprise computing resources:

It may be more about an increase in awareness, however, than a jump in bot recruitment in the enterprise. Rick Wesson, CEO of Support Intelligence, says the rate of botnet infection in the enterprise isn’t necessarily increasing — it just hasn’t been explored in detail until recently. “What’s changing is the perception. It’s been underestimated, underreported, and under analyzed,” Wesson says. “Corporate America is in as bad shape as a user at home.”

Wesson says his firm, which does security monitoring, instantly finds dozens of bot-infected client machines in an enterprise customer’s network when it starts studying its traffic. “We find dozens of bot-compromised systems off the bat. The longer we stay in [there], the more we find.”

Meanwhile, botnet activity overall has been on the rise, according to Symantec. In its recent Internet Threat Report, Symantec said it detected over 5 million bot-infected machines between January 1 and June 30 of this year, an increase of nearly 7 percent from the same period last year.

You can read more about this topic at my Always On column: Attack of the Mutant Bots.



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