Posted by: Greg Ness | November 20, 2007

Replicate: Dynamic Policy Arbitrage for Virtualization?

 Rich Miller met with us a couple of weeks ago to talk about Replicate Technologies.  I’m hoping to interview one of Replicate’s technologists before the year’s end to share their vision of virtsec, challenges, opportunities, etc.  I’m certainly adding Rich to my blogroll.  During our discussion I threw a term out there (dynamic policy arbitration) to describe what Replicate does.  Don’t know if it works but thought it would be a way to tee up Rich’s venture.

From the website:

Replicate Technologies Inc. (RT) is a provider of configuration, connectivity and security management technologies.  RT’s offerings are designed to optimize corporate IT’s use of server virtualization.  While acknowledging the benefits of virtual machine environments (VMEs), we also recognize the resulting challenges and costs that virtualization introduces to network complexity, management, security and system resilience.Replicate introduced the RT Rollout Testbed service in January 2007, based on patent-pending technology.  The RT Rollout service offers our customers a virtual test lab in which they design and test tightly integrated network configurations of server, application, and database systems in realistic network settings.  In 2008, RT will introduce RT Galaxy, a suite of virtual network products and services for use in production environments.

Replicate Technologies is an early stage technology company founded by Silicon Valley veterans.  With the introduction of RT Rollout and RT Galaxy, we bring a strong commitment to our customer’s success in the rapidly evolving virtualization technology space.

It certainly seems like Rich and team understand the shortcomings of static approaches to the management of virtual resources.  Is “policy gridlock” on the horizon?  We’ll ask Replicate in a coming post.


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