Posted by: Greg Ness | November 26, 2007

VirtSec Clouds – Network World

Denise Dubie’s article today in Network World casts yet another light on the challenges simmering beneath the surface as virtualization meets production.  Virtualization introduces dramatic new potentials and challenges. As I said in “VM Security: The Keys to the Virtualization Kingdom” the market will be sized/defined by the virtualization platform vendor who embraces virtsec the soonest.  


Security is a critical requirement for success in virtualizing production environments; and production environments constitute a sizable portion of the growth opportunity.

In 2008 I predict that the traditional netsec vendors will soon wake up from their state of denial and pre-announce products capable of protecting and partitioning highly fluid VMs. 


As I said previously, virtsec will force a division in security solutions between the dynamic and the dead.  The vision of a virtual fabric of blade processors protected at every possible traffic point with an IPS requiring manual tuning (and increasing throughput requirements) and custom hardware is an IT nightmare capable of completely undermining the sizable gains enabled by virtualizaation.



Virtsec will be the tipping point that forces netsec into more intelligence, more application and protocol awareness and less reliance on custom hardware and rote pattern matching.  Virtsec will ignite server security as a priority, which will force netsec vendors into delivering maximum availability and security under conditions of continus change.  They cannot do that today.  Hence the clouds…


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