Posted by: Greg Ness | January 10, 2008

Gartner Webcast: A Secure Approach to Virtualization

There is plenty of hype and confusion about how to properly secure virtual infrastructures.  One of the best ways to clear up the confusion is to collect expert perspectives.  This webcast will be featured on Blue Lane’s home page for the next 30 days; it may be one of the best panels assembled to tackle this topic. 

“Virtualization: A Secure Approach” includes three leading virtsec experts: Neil MacDonald at Gartner, Leendert van Doorn at AMD and Blue Lane’s Allwyn Sequeira. 

Neil kicks off the session by talking about the critical security issues and challenges inherent with virtualization, what aspects are usually underestimated or overestimated, building blocks for the trusted hypervisor and the growing specter of unmanaged VMs.  Neil also offers many of his security recommendations for virtual infrastructures. 

Neil is followed by AMD Fellow Leendert van Doorn who talks about the risks and challenges in securing the hardware layer (including VM theft) and AMD’s perspective. 

Blue Lane SVP Allwyn follows Leendert and talks specifically about VM-specific virtsec issues and Blue Lane’s protocol-centric approach to securing VMs. Don’t let the 53 minute length intimidate you.  The slide manager on the left column allows you to click through at your own pace.  You can advance, repeat and listen at your own leisure.   

Disclosure: I’m the VP Marketing for Blue Lane Technologies, a winner of the 2007 InfoWorld Technology of the Year for security, Best of Interop 2007 in security and the AO 100 Top Private Company award for 2006 and 2007. Blue Lane is also a 2007 Best of VMworld Finalist in data protection. I’ve been a marketing executive at Juniper Networks, Redline Networks, IntruVert Networks and ShoreTel. I’ve been an Always On blogger/columnist since 2004. My recently launched personal blog is: .  These are all my opinions, and do not represent the opinions of employers, spouses, kids, etc.


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