Posted by: Greg Ness | June 21, 2008

Archimedius Update



A few weeks ago I had a cup of coffee with John Furrier.   We threw a bunch of ideas around about the blogsphere.  As a result my Archimedius column will also start to appear at, one of Furrier’s blogzines.  For more information on John and what he is up to check out   FYI- I think he has a deep understanding of the upcoming transformation of the media landscape and how personalities, content and readers will interact.


From John’s blogzine:


Why blogging matters. Bloggers are natural search ‘robots’ – subject matter experts who index their territory and filter stuff out … Look at Jason Calacanis and his new venture – going down this road of human collective intelligence. The most successful bloggers are human vertical knowledge machines. – they have to be. is an opinion blog in technology and business. It’s basically me – so the platform is a new kinda PR firm and search engine. I’ve traced my social graphs and the reach is significant. Great for certain sponsors. My blog is a small (but influential) node in the technology media graph (google trends had me in the top ten techmeme last night). Sponsors will benefit from working directly with me but my users will have full transparency.  


Years ago I told Tony Perkins and Rich Seidner that this trend we saw exploding on the scene should be called reality media.  In retrospect that will prove to be an understatement.  More on that later, perhaps at a tech marketing blog that I’ve been sketching out for months.


Thanks for reading Archimedius, my take on the coming collision between virtualization, security and data networking.


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