Posted by: Greg Ness | June 23, 2008

Eric Ogren’s Computerworld Blog: Security as a Service

Ogren Joins Amoroso (and others) on Security as a Service Bandwagon


A few blogs ago I talked about Ed Amoroso’s (AT&Ts CSO) recent interview in the San Jose Mercury News.  I thought it was a smart strategic move for AT&T on both an offering and message basis.  It gives enterprises the opportunity to step out of the combat medic role into which they’ve evolved as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems have been increasingly unable to keep up with increasingly sophisticated attacks.


Eric Ogren’s blog, posted end of day Friday, validates Ed’s comments via an announcement by Trend Micro.  I particularly liked Eric’s comment:


There are way too many attacks for traditional approaches relying on comparing against signature files to keep up. It is simple arithmetic – the discovery rate of new attacks (several thousand per day according to independent the AV-Test organization) far surpasses the ability for any security vendor to distribute up to date signature files to endpoints in any kind of effective timeframe. The most logical security approach is to route traffic through a security service where it can be analyzed and scrubbed before it reaches your PC.

     – Computerworld blog, June 20 2008


Well said Eric.  Exploit mutation is trumping static signatures and someone needs to do something about it.  The service providers have a very viable opening into the security as a service business, as long as they can deliver on the promise.


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