Posted by: Greg Ness | July 16, 2008

Recent Archimedius Posts on Cloud Computing

If you’ve arrived at Archimedius in search of blogs on cloud computing, here are the top cloud computing blogs, in order of views as of July 16 2008:


Who Will Ride the Clouds? (posted June 20): a high-level perspective on the strategic impact of cloud computing on competitive economic advantage between regions and nations.


Will Cloud Computing Rain on Microsoft?  (posted July 10):  cloud computing may bring substantial risks to the way Microsoft goes to market.


Cloud Computing: Clear Skies for Data Center Virtualization? (posted June 20):  cloud computing could be a catalyst for substantial innovation in the data center if the challenges are properly addressed.


Cloud Computing: VirtSec on Steroids (posted July 8): cloud computing introduces more virtualization security challenges and requirements into the mix.


Quincy, WA Turns Clouds into Cash (posted June 22): cloud computing could redistribute wealth and jobs to rural areas with cheap electricity and real estate.


Cloud Computing Meme Gathering Steam (posted June 25): Nicholas Carr plugs Archimedius and I share an academic perspective on the potential impact of cloud computing on the wealth of nations.


Cloud Computing and the VirtSec Barrier (posted June 27): virtualization security poses significant challenges to the payoff of virtualization and cloud computing.


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