Posted by: Greg Ness | July 24, 2008

ZDNet: Attack Code Published for DNS Flaw

A few hours ago Ryan Naraine at ZDnet reported that DNS vulnerability attack code has been published.


The urgency to patch Dan Kaminsky’s DNS cache poisoning vulnerability just went up a few notches.

Exploit code for the flaw, which allows the insertion of malicious DNS records into the cache of the target nameserver, has been added to Metasploit, a freely distributed attack/pen-testing tool.

According to Metasploit creator HD Moore (left), who teamed up with researcher |)ruid to create the exploit, a DNS service has also been created to assist with the exploit.

Ryan Naraine, ZDnet July 23 2:55PM


You can read Cricket Liu’s breaking interview published this AM or attend a prescient webinar featuring Liu and Dan Kaminsky that was recorded just days ago.  The original Archimedius coverage from July 22 contains links to various trade articles and resources.


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