Posted by: Greg Ness | December 2, 2008

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure 2.0 – Podcast

It felt good to talk to a couple cloud computing experts last week, versus merely typing thoughts to a screen as I usually do. 


Special thanks to Cisco’s James Urquhart and GigaSpace’s Geva Perry for the 50 minute pod cast about the network effects of cloud computing.


My number one takeaway:  I think it will soon be obvious that both virtualization and cloud computing will drive new demands for dynamic network infrastructure, including the automation of core network services and enhanced connectivity intelligence between networks, endpoints and applications.  Let’s call the end game Infrastructure 2.0, or “The Beginning of the End of Static Infrastructure.”


You can follow my comments in real time at You can also read more about Infrastructure 2.0 in upcoming issues of bloxNews.


My disclaimer is at:


  1. That was a great podcast.


  2. Thanks John! We’re talking to Cisco about a live video streaming event in January on Infrastructure 2.0. Will post the details as soon as they’re available.


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