Posted by: Greg Ness | December 10, 2008

Infrastructure 2.0: Recommended Blog Reading as of December 10

December 10, 2008


I think it is very likely that network infrastructure will be transformed in coming years by new levels of automation and connectivity intelligence driven by demands from new IT initiatives, from RFID to collaboration, data center virtualization and even cloud computing.  I think we’ll call this transformed, dynamic network and all of its potentials “Infrastructure 2.0.” 



The emergence of a dynamic infrastructure will drive a “Cambrian explosion” of potentials in network, endpoint and application intelligence and usher in the Infrastructure 2.0 era of networking and IT which unleash a torrent of new economies and innovations.  The following are recent blogs about this new era and its implications for IT.  Feel free to join the conversation and comment/blog as well We would love to hear from you.


October – November 2008


Recessions and Networks – Archimedius


Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Diseconomies of Scale


Making Infrastructure 2.0 reality may require new standards- F5 DevCentral Blog


Clouds, Networks and Recessions


Chambers is Right – Seeking Alpha


Infrastructure 2.0: The Feedback Loop Must Include Applications- F5 DevCentral Blog


Podcast on Infrastructure 2.0 and cloud, etc with Cisco’s James Urquhart and GigaSpace’s Geva Perry


Infrastructure 2.0: The Diseconomy of Scale Virus F5 DevCentral blog


neoTactics blog” ‘Operators’ and ‘Administrators’


December 2008 (as of December 10)


The CIO Shell Game – Archimedius


The network: the final frontier for cloud computing (Cisco blog)


Chris Hoff: Infrastructure 2.0 and Virtualized/Cloud Networking


Geva Perry Thinking out Cloud blog: Infrastructure is Sexy






  1. […] Recommended Infrastructure 2.0 Blogs from December 2008 from Archimedius […]

  2. […] Recommended Infrastructure 2.0 Blogs from December 2008 from Archimedius […]

  3. […] Recommended Infrastructure 2.0 Blogs from December 2008 from Archimedius […]

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