Posted by: Greg Ness | February 14, 2009

The Coming Cloud Wars

The cloud computing meme continues to billow as Juniper and IBM announce a cloud management partnership rumors swirl about heavy petting between VMware and shareholder/partner Cisco.  A few months ago it seemed like every cloud discussion included Google and/or Amazon; now it appears that “the network infrastructure issue” has finally reared its head and ushered in networking and management leaders into the cloud conversation.


More cloud watchers are discovering that cloud apps -at a minimum- will put more burdens on the network.  As IT services decouple from hardware the network becomes one of the key chokepoints to the realization of system and endpoint mobility.  System automation will force network automation, or the evolution of Infrastructure 2.0.


More at: Chokepoints will Drive Innovation



  1. Greg, perhaps it’s less like a war, and more like a marathon. One has to be prepared for the long term, knowing the field of competitors, anticipating predictable moves, etc.

    Granted, it’s still a compelling opportunity for strategic foresight — imagining what crossing the finish line for that particular race would look like. Then moving on, to prepare for the next event.

    David, Business Technology Roundtable

  2. […] Cloud Wars […]

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