Posted by: Greg Ness | August 26, 2009

Will Virtualization Neutralize the Network?

A series of blogs began a speculation about the impact of virtualization on the network.  It’s certainly fair to suggest that the network has had little impact on first stage VLAN virtualization, or virtualization-lite.  The real question, however, is whether or not virtualization (or VMotion specifically) will stay contained within ever denser VLANS.


F5 Networks MacVittie blogged about it recently, suggesting that VM density was becoming the standard measure of IT efficiency.  We all know how that story will end.


At Infoblox we were already planning a webinar with Nemertes, Cisco and VMware for late September on virtualization and the network, so this topic was of natural interest.  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed given the lineup of experts which Andreas Antonopoulos has assembled: Chris Hoff, Mark Thiele and Richard Kagan.


Webinar: Virtualization and the Future of the Network


The webinar will talk about where virtualization stands today and the importance of flexibility, motion and scale as well as the coming shift to more opex-centric virtualization deployments.  It will then define the network and vendor context and the difference between public and private cloud.


The team will then discuss the business case for various decision paths, with opportunities, risks and rewards, plus small versus large (static versus flexible) and the impact of these choices on the network.  It will also talk about the strategic role of core network services as virtualization shifts to more opex-centric models.


Attendees will get action plan takeaways and be asked an occasional poll question about their deployments, etc.  At least that is where we are today as far as event planning goes.          


Register Here to attend.


This lineup is particularly interesting because VMware has led on the networking issue, especially when it comes to network security.  They’ve been on the forefront of embracing the network and making it relevant to virtualization and cloud.  Having a Cisco cloud executive on the panel (especially after the breakthrough Cisco launch of UCS) makes things even more interesting.


You can follow Chris Hoff’s blog here, and Mark Thiele’s blog here.  Andreas has been contributing to Network World for years and was among the first to talk openly about virtualization and network security.  Chris was among the first to uncover the need tor new thinking around virtualization security.  Mark Thiele and Richard Kagan were on the Future in Review panel that set in motion the upcoming (invitation only) SRI Infrastructure 2.0 blackboard session.


Stay tuned for a great webinar on a very timely topic for network pros and architects.



I am a senior director at Infoblox. You can follow my comments in real time at Or you can join the Infrastructure 2.0 conversation at the new blog.


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