Posted by: Greg Ness | September 2, 2009

Webinar on Virtualization and the Network’s Future – Sep 23

The blog buzz on virtualization and the network has been gathering steam, including a recent Network World blog tying the issues together.  Virtualization, it seems, could be a big win for network equipment vendors (and pros) if they only understood the network impacts of virtualization.  


After all, what is a cloud without an infrastructure 2.0 network, capable of enabling un-tethered VMotion?


This September 23rd Nemertes co-founder Andreas Antonopoulos will be hosting a webinar featuring Cisco’s Chris Hoff, VMware’s Mark Thiele and Infoblox’s Richard Kagan.  It will tackle these issues and offer viewers actionable advice for leveraging the network in order to deliver on the full promise of virtualization.


You can get more information or register here.  Feel free to invite a friend.  Infoblox usually offers a free FLIP™ HD camera (drawing) at each of their webinar events.


Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time: 8am PST/11am EDT/5pm CEST



Andreas Antonopoulos, Nemertes

Mark Thiele, VMware

Chris Hoff, Cisco

Richard Kagan, Infoblox


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