Posted by: Greg Ness | September 9, 2009

Hoff: Infrastructure 2.0 Young Turk at SRI

Attending the first Infrastructure 2.0 Working Group was a powerful, albeit surreal experience.  Watching Dan Lynch, Bob Grossman and Vint Cerf make the case for a revolution in networking and moderate a team of industry giants was more memorable than I could have ever imagined.


Yet I was also impressed with the comments and exchanges between the legends and the Young Turks who also attended.  So I’ve decided to highlight some of their contributions to the infrastructure 2.0 conversation (and now the working group).

Hoff Almost Crashes the Internet at SRI Session

Hoff Almost Crashes the Internet at SRI Session

Chris Hoff has written some of the best blogs on infrastructure 2.0, from his very popular Rational Survivability blog.  I’ve highlighted what I think are some of his best blogs on the topic:


The VM Mobility Myth (April 25, 2009)


Cloud Catastrophes Caused by Clueless Caretakers (March 22, 2009)


What to do when your Core Infrastructure Services aren’t in your Core (January 21, 2009)


Infrastructure 2.0 and Virtualized Cloud/Networking… (December 8, 2008)


Application Delivery Control: More Hardware or Hypervisor Function? (December 1, 2008)


I Can Haz TCG IF-MAP Support in your Security Product Please… (November 10, 2008)


Anyway, there are even more great blog posts at Hoff’s blog.  It’s well worth a link visit.  Try this one.



  1. […] simpler challenge than intercloud agility.  You might remember this topic from 2009, before the infrastructure 2.0 working group disbanded. Yet it set the stage for ever higher levels of efficiency and agility and the meteoric […]

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