Posted by: Greg Ness | September 11, 2009

Infrastructure 2.0 Podcast with John Willis

I had the distinct pleasure of talking to the Bob Dylan of Infrastructure 2.0, John Willis earlier.  The result was this podcast on infrastructure 2.0.  John has a great IT Management and Cloud Blog.  You can follow his Twitter feed at   


John used the term infrastructure 2.0 about 2 years ago to talk about hardware as a service.  When Stu Bailey (Infoblox), Richard Kagan (Infoblox) and I were kicking around a way to label the notion of virtualization unleashed by the network we did a search on a few terms.  We saw John’s casual usage and thought we could build on it.


So it was both fun and appropriate that we got a chance to talk to John about infrastructure 2.0.  Here is his index of his podcast (about 30 minutes):

  • Infrastructure and the Cambrian Explosion
  • Infrastructure 2.0
  • The shell game of virtualization
  • VLAN virtualization
  • Infrastructure 2.0 working Group
  • DNS 2.0
  • Quick overview of what Infoblox does.

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