Posted by: Greg Ness | September 17, 2009

Lori MacVittie: Young Turk of Infrastructure 2.0

Lori wasn’t able to represent F5 Networks at the first Infrastructure 2.0 Working Group but has been perhaps the most prolific contributor with some incredible thoughts on how networks must evolve.  Erik Giesa from F5 was on the Future in Review panel on I2.0 that inspired the formation of the Working Group.  So F5, Lori and Erik have been infrastructure 2.0 thought leaders.


Lori is one of the Young Turks of Infrastructure 2.0 because of her series of great posts too lengthy to list in its entirety. We’ve highlighted a few:



Infrastructure 2.0: The Diseconomy of Scale Virus (Nov 24, 2008)


Making Infrastructure 2.0 reality may require new standards (Oct 22, 2008)


How VM Sprawl will Drive the Urgency of the Network Evolution (December 19, 2008)


VM Density as the New Measure of IT Efficiency (Aug 24, 2009)


Cloud makes Servers Obsolete (July 31, 2009)


You can follow Lori at and here.  She is a regular contributor to


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