Posted by: Greg Ness | April 20, 2010

Future in Review Infrastructure 2.0 Panel Abstract

Is the Network Ready for Cloud Computing?

Wednesday May 12; 8:45 – 9:15AM

While virtualization has automated systems, the network has continued to be operated, delivered like a flashback to 70s era management practices.
Last year here at FIRE we heard from leaders in networking and virtualization about how enterprise networks were wholly unprepared to deliver on the promise of cloud computing or IT automation.  There were too many manual constraints.  That’s right, the network automating the business had done a poor job of automating itself, and the result was growing gaps between new demands (more IP addresses, more change, more new initiatives) and policies and practices that have been around for decades. 
With more and more devices (and kinds of devices) connecting to networks these gaps today have significant ramifications for the growth of the IT economy as well as the amount of electricity demanded by IT to service that economy. 
So this year we have a panel of thought leaders in cloud, networking and virtualization to give us an update on what has changed and what still needs to change, for enterprise networks to catch up with the rest of IT and the promise of private cloud computing.  FIRE advisor Dan Lynch formed the infrastructure 2.0 Working Group last fall to address these issues.

Moderator: Greg Ness, VP Infoblox


Glenn Dasmalchi, Chief of Staff, Office of CTO, Cisco Systems

Richard McDougall, Chief Performance Architect, VMware

Lew Tucker, former Cloud CTO, Cloud Computing, Sun Microsystems

Mark Thiele, VP Data Center Strategy, ServiceMesh

Yousef Khalidi, Distinguished Engineer, Windows Azure, Microsoft

Richard Kagan, EVP/GM, Orchestration Business Unit, Infoblox

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at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA

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