Posted by: Greg Ness | June 22, 2010

Cisco Live Seamless Cloud Panel – July 1 in Las Vegas

I’ll be speaking on a panel at Cisco Live on July 1.  I’m looking forward to talking about the new demands on network infrastructure, and whether or not the enterprise is ready for seamless cloud.  Frankly, so much of the discussion about cloud is for SMEs (or regarding apps) and so little is about the readiness of cloud for the enterprise that it is refreshing for Cisco Live to embrace this topic.

Even the mention of “private cloud” gets negative reactions from some of the clouderati.   I heard: “No such thing” yesterday on a cloud pundit call.  Yet at the end of the day enterprises will be assessing when, where and what can be delivered from any cloud versus a private cloud and the answers will have a significant impact on the evolution of cloud computing.

While I think Amazon and Google have done well delivering undifferentiated services via subsidized business models, it is fair to ask when and how can enterprises take to the clouds.  IMHO it’s when the network is ready.

You can view the session abstract here: Seamless Enterprise Extension to Cloud (SEEC) – Ready for Primetime?

Or you can read it here:

Length:   2 Hours
Abstract:   Infrastructure resources acquired by enterprises in a Cloud typically remain isolated from the enterprise (DC and network). Enterprises typically run classes of applications that are not mission-critical, does not require high degree of security or trust, are not real-time or suitable for batch processing (we refer to infra resources and applications as just resources). These resources may not also need full application of enterprise policies (security, access control, QoS, firewall, etc.). But can we extend the scope of Cloud to support wide range of enterprise resources? In other words, can we seamlessly extend an enterprise to Cloud and vice versa? What are the mechanisms (such as security, network, VPC: Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Service Level, and InterCloud capabilities) that are needed to facilitate SEEC?
Speaker:   David Lively Director of Engineering, SP Systems Development Cloud and Data Center Systems
Glenn Dasmalchi Technical Chief of Staff, Cisco CTO Office
Yousef Khalidi Distinguished Engineer
Microsoft Corporation
Steven Hill Director
Terremark Federal
Greg Ness VP
Tobias Ford Assistant VP of Technology, AT&T Application Services

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