Posted by: Greg Ness | September 10, 2010

Fire Panel: Networks Aren’t Ready for Clouds (via ARCHIMEDIUS)

I am reblogging this Archimedius blog from 2009 in honor of Cisco’s recent tablet PC announcement and my comment (which follows) in response to the Future in Review Infrastructure 2.0 panel:

“As the lines blue between traditional networking players and servers and services I think it is very possible to see a networking player (or even a phone handset player) enter the netbook space. Imagine a netbook with logos from network vendors rather than processor vendors; after all, isn’t that what cloud is all about? It’s the network and service “inside” that really impacts performance, availability, security, etc.”


Fire Panel: Networks Aren't Ready for Clouds After Interop I moderated a Future in Review (FIRE) panel and had the pleasure of asking executives from Infoblox, Cisco, F5 Networks and VMware about their perspective on infrastructure 2.0.  The first part of the panel talked about the problems with today’s static networks, including rampant manual labor and outdated management tools; the second part explored the economic consequences of static infrastructure for business and jobs.   FIRE Infra … Read More



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