Posted by: Greg Ness | June 18, 2012

Top 5 Blog Report: June 18 2012

The following are the most read Archimedius blog posts from March 20 through June 18 2012:

Cisco and the Networking Industry: Golden Age or Golden Fleece?

Cisco’s vulnerability to the evolution of the software-defined network is discussed within the context of a glowing Motley Fool article about the coming golden age of the network.

Is HP Too Big to Succeed?

Recent HP news suggests that HP may be on the right path to turning itself around.  But it is not an easy path.

The Decline of the Public Cloud (and the Rise of the Private Cloud)

Some thoughts about the transformation of cloud computing (IaaS) into more robust ecosystems of IaaS, PaaS and private clouds inspired by a recent cloud panel at Future in Review 2012.

HP Takes a Shot at the Hardware-Centric Network

What a recent HP announcement could mean for the networking industry, especially those dependent upon hardware-centric business models.

What Every CIO Should Know about Cloud Computing   

My recent panel with cloud thought leaders, including the link to the 30 minute panel.

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