Posted by: Greg Ness | June 18, 2012

Top Ten Archimedius Blogs June 2011 – June 2012

The following are the most read blog posts from June 18 2011 through June 18 2012:

The Next Microsoft June 2011

As data centers move production racks to virtualization, VMware is well-positioned to become the next Microsoft.

Cisco and the Networking Industry: Golden Age or Golden Fleece? April 2012

Cisco’s vulnerability to the evolution of the software-defined network is discussed within the context of a glowing Motley Fool article about the coming golden age of the network.

Is HP Too Big to Succeed? May 2012

Recent HP news suggests that HP may be on the right path to turning itself around.  But it is not an easy path.

Recession-Induced Network Innovation October 2008

One of the earliest blogs written about Infrastructure 2.0, or the rise of dynamic infrastructure, including network automation driven by the demands of virtualization and the coming rise of cloud computing.

The Hybrid Cloud is the Future of IT Infrastructure  February 2012

The notion of using private cloud for predictable workloads and IaaS for spikes appears thanks to comments from several IT leaders.  Links are provided to other blogs about the impact of clouds on the data center industry are also provided.

The Big Data Era  February 2012

Inspired by a Wall Street Journal trend article about how today we stand at the cusp of several important technological transformations, this blog talks about the emergence of Big Data.

The Data Center is the Server, the Cloud and the Future  April 2011  

The data center is becoming a central part of our economic and cultural life.

The Decline of the Public Cloud (and the Rise of the Private Cloud)  May 2012

Some thoughts about the transformation of cloud computing (IaaS) into more robust ecosystems of IaaS, PaaS and private clouds inspired by a recent cloud panel at Future in Review 2012.

Data Centers: The Next Wave of IT Innovation  June 2011

Inspired by Future In Review 2011, Archimedius talks about the increasing importance of the data center to the evolution of enterprise and a healthy economy.

The Cloud and the Great Data Center Race  December 2011

In the same way that the rise of the Internet led to the enterprise web (web-enabled enterprise applications) the public and private cloud is driving IT to new modes of operation, most of which demand more agility, more capacity and an even keener  focus on operating and capital expenses.  This profound tension -between a substantial evolution in demands on IT and an extended period of economic doldrums- has placed CIOs in the crossfire.


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