Posted by: Greg Ness | June 27, 2012

The Server-Centric Economy will Create More 500kW Infrastructures

Or… Why the 500kW Threshold Matters

In Private Clouds and the 500kW Threshold I talked about why private clouds will make more sense for tech leading enterprises than standardized IaaS public cloud infrastructure.  For many enterprises, 500kWs may seem like an unforeseeable level of IT infrastructure, based on their existing architecture.  For them I offer these two charts to consider:


As servers consume more power per square foot of space (even adjusting for increased energy efficiency- see the following chart courtesy of Jon Koomey  in The Computing Trend that Will Change Everything in Technology Review) data centers won’t necessarily grow in size but rather in the sheer amount of power consumed:

“Computing isn’t just getting cheaper. It’s becoming more energy efficient. That means a world populated by ubiquitous sensors and streams of nanodata.” – Jon Koomey

Servers over the long term will become increasingly important to the collection of increasing amounts of data and the delivery of an increasing amount of services and applications.  As more enterprises embrace tech-centric business models (for example, automobile manufacturers that embrace automobile services -like GPS, driving conditions, convenience, emergency, news- for monthly revenue), the data center becomes a profit center and as important as the factory manufacturing the automobile.  Think of the Android and the robust application market that is perhaps even more lucrative than sale of the device itself.  This concepts spreads to household, commercial and industrial items, which become increasingly dependent upon servers for recurring revenue.


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