Posted by: Greg Ness | November 8, 2012

Escaping the Public Versus Private Cloud Trap

While enterprise marketers and pundits fight over the superiority of public versus private cloud computing, maybe it is time to recognize that both fall short of the ultimate cloud promise, the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud can make a data center essentially boundless, allowing IT teams to optimize apps at unprecedented levels of scale, efficiency and security.  The public cloud combines with the data center and the private cloud to form a single dynamic pool of resources, which is utilized as needed, where needed, without lock in.

We certainly aren’t there yet.

Data centers are certainly feeling the pressure of cloud computing, despite today’s shortcomings; they are getting larger and more energy efficient and are even embracing new levels of electrical and mechanical redundancy.  More are being built where power costs and taxes are low, instead of near corporate HQs.  IT teams are embracing new operating models, including cloud and colocation.  The growth rates for third party services like cloud and colocation rival the early days of many IT eras: from the mainframe to the PC, to the legacy and new data center eras. 

Cloud is the new operating model of the era we are entering, an era of boundless computing enabled by boundless data centers.  We may not be there yet, but we are on the way.  In coming months I want to share with you some of my thoughts on where we are all headed.  Many of you already know that I joined a stealth cloud automation startup in early October.  As a result I’ve had the opportunity to blend my perspectives with some of the top engineering minds at the core of this new boundless era.  I will be sharing some of our thoughts as we prepare for our launch.

In the meantime I will be at AWS re: Invent at a humble kiosk, in case you’re attending.  I’ll be happy to give you a stealth briefing on what we’re up to and why my team may be at the core of the revolution.  I am reaching out to a handful of you whom I regard as among the top tier in cloud experts and thought leaders.  I’m looking forward to getting your take on how our team can help the enterprise to significantly reduce the barriers to boundless computing.  Stay tuned.



  1. Yes. I think the reason true hybrid clouds dont exist is because we are lacking an *infrastructure* solution (as opposed to a CMP, CM – essentially management solutions). Ideally, an infrastructure solution would allow any cloud to appear as the internal data center from the application perspective. It means that this multi-VM application sees the same networking, same virtualization etc. in any cloud. This will allow moving any application to any cloud without any changes whatsoever to the application. We have been working on the underpinnings for something like this. BTW, this is exactly what VMware did for x86 (allowing you to run an unmodified OS). Need something similar like that for the cloud.

    • Great minds think similarly. 🙂 Although I think the hybrid cloud should also include nonvirtualized distributed apps. G

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