Posted by: Greg Ness | November 27, 2012

Hybrid Cloud will be Solutions-Driven

A recent GigaOm article on Amazon’s enterprise cloud ambitions struck a chord after I landed at AWS reInvent.  A couple weeks ago I had written about the Public Versus Private Cloud Trap and a reader had suggested that the name game is merely a battle between VMware and Amazon who are, in effect, marketing to their strengths.

A recent Gartner webinar (“Private Cloud Computing and the Future of Infrastructure”) that discussed the emergence of hybrid cloud only served to reaffirm my friend’s opinion.  One of the key takeaways was how “the need for speed” is driving enterprises to think beyond private cloud, and about hybrid cloud.

Who will emerge as the champion of hybrid cloud?  Perhaps neither Amazon nor VMware will champion the hybrid cloud until someone else does. Maybe it will be a latecomer with core strengths in applications, operating systems or even colocation.

I’m inclined to think that the shift won’t be driven by any single vendor but rather by the emergence of a new generation of solutions which leverage the power of both private and public to transform physical data centers into elastic, programmable data centers.

Hybrid cloud may instead be championed by enterprises who want faster and more robust solutions to challenges in DevTest cloning and patching, or failover/recovery or even the ability to simply migrate from one premise or environment to another, based on changing business or regulatory drivers.

Think cloud cloning, cloud failover, cloud migration and even cloud bursting as solutions evolve that allow enterprises to run apps in the public cloud as extensions of the physical data center.  While the public cloud brought us the opportunity to run isolated or custom apps in the public cloud, hybrid clouds will bring us boundless data centers which reach beyond physical location lock-in.

Want to talk more?  I’ll be at kiosk K8 at Amazon AWS re:Invent on November 27-29 and the Gartner Data Center Conference in early December.


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