Posted by: Greg Ness | December 12, 2012

CloudVelocity Takes Off

Perhaps the most significant barrier to a true hybrid cloud operating model is a wide gulf of manual processes required to run existing multi-tier apps and services seamlessly across data centers, colocation facilities and public clouds.  That gulf is perhaps the largest barrier to the enterprise adoption of public cloud.

As of today there are a variety of known niche approaches to running and migrating apps into and between clouds, either one server at a time or without services integration or for particular kinds of apps that have been virtualized, etc.  While they each fulfill specific requirements for particular point problems, I don’t see them as having enough critical mass to become a must-have hybrid cloud standard.

For example, at the Gartner Data Center conference last week, several Gartner analysts discussed the lack of tools as a barrier to the promise of hybrid clouds, despite acknowledging that hybrid clouds are the future, especially for the enterprise.

So I joined CloudVelocity when it was in stealth mode as Denali Systems.

IMHO CloudVelocity sets the stage for the cloud-integrated data center, which I think is a game changer for cloud computing on multiple levels.  To prove it we are offering free beta trials. Check us out!


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