Posted by: Greg Ness | December 14, 2012

Hybrid Cloud is a Game Changer for IT


The likes of Amazon and Google been highly effective public cloud champions, just as VMware, Cisco and OpenStack have championed private clouds.  At the recent Gartner DC Conference 2012 the biggest theme was neither public cloud nor private cloud, but rather hybrid cloud.  Hybrid cloud is a form of cloud computing whereby applications and services can run across multiple clouds, colocation and data centers seamlessly, as a single hybrid cloud.  We’ve talked about hybrid clouds and infrastructure 2.0 for years here at Archimedius.

Recently we’ve talked about the new hybrid cloud vocabulary, including cloud migration, cloud failover and cloud cloning.  Eventually we’ll see enterprise-ready cloud bursting and other cloud-enabled solution architectures.

Although it has been discussed for years (see this article from InformationWeek in 2010 on the now defunct infrastructure 2.0 working group), the technical and business barriers have kept it, until recently, confined to slides and drawings and tactical tools. See my recent high velocity cloud blog for more background.

This theme is very relevant to virtually all of today’s technology companies, including Cisco, HP, Oracle and others, because it represents a revolution in how apps and services are delivered.  Hybrid cloud represents the ultimate decoupling of an application, OS and service from a specific piece of hardware or even location.  Hybrid cloud will do to the tether between apps and services and clouds what VMware did to the once powerful bond between apps, operating systems and individual servers.

Hybrid cloud is a game-changer. You can read a more extensive article on the hybrid cloud meme at Seeking Alpha.


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