Posted by: Greg Ness | December 18, 2012

CloudVelocity CTO on Hybrid Cloud Requirements

Anand Iyengar, CTO of hybrid cloud leader CloudVelocity, recently blogged about the critical requirements of hybrid cloud.  I think this discussion is important because there will certainly be a rush of companies claiming to be hybrid cloud players, who will offer a mere semblance of what Anand is thinking.  I am summarizing what Anand thinks are the first three critical requirements of a hybrid cloud:

1) Apps need to be able to run seamlessly across multiple environments;

2) Critical services need to be available to those apps without regard to location or infrastructure; and

3) There should be an absence of any form of lock-in, including requiring an enterprise to standardize on a single virtualization platform.

His blog makes a lot of sense and this thinking is part of the reason I joined CloudVelocity.  You can read it in its entirety here at: Anand’s Perspective on Hybrid Cloud Requirements.


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