Posted by: Greg Ness | January 8, 2013

Best Recent Coverage Related to Hybrid Cloud Meme

1)      A recent blog from Virtustream CEO Rodney Rogers on why AWS needs to have an enterprise plan.  IMHO Amazon needs a hybrid cloud strategy.

2)      An excellent report on Amazon’s heady revenue growth by Charlie Babcock: Amazon’s Cloud Revenues Examined. Simply amazing growth now that AWS is getting evaluated almost as if it was a standalone unit by analysts.

3)      A very interesting report from TechTarget by Lynda Stadtmueller on “cloud dabblers”. Yes, they could have a significant impact on the evolution of the cloud in the enterprise. They try the cloud and do not realize the full benefit of leveraging the cloud.  It would seem that solutions like cloud migration, cloning and failover would make a great start.

4)      CloudVelocity VP Engineering Raman Chawla on why the hybrid cloud is an excellent cloud devtest environment. Seamless operation of apps and services between the data center and the clouds could create the ideal test environment: isolated yet very close to being identical to production, etc.

5)      GigaOm’s Barb Darrow on the potential impact of the recent Netflix outage on Amazon’s competition: bad-news-for-amazon-could-be-good-news-for-other-cloud-providers. It is good to see a competitive landscape forming and open discussions related to outages.

6)      TechTarget’s Beth Pariseau compares cloud to data center uptime: Cloud-availability-appears-higher-than-enterprise-data-center-uptimeA good piece that puts some of these outages in perspective. 

Note: My comments are italicized above.


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