Posted by: Greg Ness | January 21, 2013

Hybrid Cloud Power

As the hybrid cloud becomes the cloud of choice for the enterprise, you can expect cloud integration to eventually replace cloud migration as a solution of choice.  While migration supports the migration of apps into public clouds, cloud integration supports cloud migration, cloud failover,  devtest cloud (or cloud cloning) and cloud bursting. Migration is a great start, especially for unmodified, traditional apps; but truly leveraging the cloud as an extension of the data center is the ultimate payoff.

CloudVelocity’s Chief Software Architect Panos Tsirigotis recently blogged about The Power of Hybrid Cloud Deployment, which takes this argument even further, including how hybrid cloud deployment will deliver solutions and benefits beyond the reach of public and private-confined clouds.



  1. […] from Greg Ness of CloudVelocity Inc. is always a good source for clear thinking about the cloud. In a blog post yesterday called Hybrid Cloud Power, Ness has one of the clearest descriptions of what an […]

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