Posted by: Greg Ness | January 29, 2013

Cloud Migration is Not Enough

Just as enterprises start to dabble in cloud migration by migrating virtualized instances into public clouds, along comes the hybrid cloud meme, offering enterprises the promise of building their own hybrid clouds out of both virtual and unmodified apps running in cloud- integrated data centers. Datamation predicted that the hybrid cloud management market would reach $3.6B by 2016.  That’s right; in three years that would make hybrid cloud a larger market in 2016 than Amazon’s estimated $2B in 2012.

Last fall Gartner struck a very aggressive hybrid cloud tone at their December Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, the week after Amazon’s stellar public cloud tribute conference (for more perspective see my Two Weeks in Vegas blog discussing both events). Today Gartner and IDC are on the forefront of a hybrid cloud movement that may indeed become the enterprise response to Amazon’s sheer dominance of the public cloud market.

As predicted, 2013 could become a pivotal year for the evolution of cloud computing, beyond the confines of “take it or leave it (if you can) cloud” and into robust hybrid architectures that deliver first gen hybrid cloud solutions like cloud devtest (cloud cloning), cloud failover (think of a more sophisticated form of disaster recovery leveraging the cloud) and ultimately cloud bursting, or the power to leverage a cloud only when needed (own the base, rent the spike).

All of these new hybrid cloud solutions, promise to transform how IT services are delivered, thereby transforming the business world (as reported by the LogicWorks “Gathering Clouds” blog).

The question then becomes: which tech companies will ultimately lead the emerging hybrid cloud category and offer a high profile alternative to the public cloud?  This is the kind of market opening that could be very interesting to the likes of VMware, Microsoft, HP and a host of service providers and well positioned tech players. See my piece at Seeking Alpha on hybrid as a whole new cloud.



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