Posted by: Greg Ness | March 13, 2013

From Server Virtualization to Cloud Virtualization

When you enable a true hybrid cloud you, in effect, virtualize the clouds (public and private).  Just like server virtualization allowed seamless orchestration across servers, hybrid cloud will allow seamless orchestration across data centers and clouds.

If a private cloud is a collection of hypervisors running as a single instance, a hybrid cloud is a collection of data centers and clouds running as a single instance.

So let’s simply call hybrid cloud a form of cloud virtualization.  That should help to clear up all of the confusion between heterogeneous clouds being marketed as hybrid clouds, as I mentioned in The Power of Synergy.

A hybrid cloud delivers strategic agility, protection and scalability, on a grander scale than server virtualization. It allows enterprises to utilize a multitude of clouds without lock-in.

Cloud virtualization is the natural evolution of server virtualization.  And a special thanks to the consummate gentleman Martin MacLeod for his recent blog on CloudVelocity at BladeWatch.

It was great to catch up with Martin and take him through the demo.




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