Posted by: Greg Ness | April 11, 2013

Why Hybrid Cloud Will Win: OSBC Panel April 29

hybrid cloud illustrated

On April 29 at Computerworld’s OSBC Conference in San Francisco CloudVelocity CTO and Co-Founder Anand Iyengar be participating on a panel discussing hybrid cloud with execs from Citrix, Microsoft, and PlumGrid, moderated by Mayfield Fund’s Robin Vasan. Here is the session’s abstract.  We would love to see you there:

Public and private clouds have set the stage for a massive revolution in the way IT teams operate, from app owners and developers to architects and CIOs.  Yet both operating models come up short for many teams because of a variety of issues, including security, control and unplanned downtime.  The longer term answer is hybrid cloud, or infrastructure that provides the ability for apps to operate seamlessly across clouds and data centers. This panel will discuss both the promise and technical obstacles of hybrid cloud and recent developments that suggest that hybrid cloud may become a reality on 2013, and what that could mean for enterprise IT and software devops teams.

The session will be at 4:00. See the OSBC Agenda for more details.


Sameer Dholakia, GM of Cloud Platforms, Citrix

Anand Iyenfar, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder, CloudVelocity

Pere Monclus, Chief Technology Officer, PlumGrid

Ursheet Parikh, GM of Server & Tools, Microsoft

Mathew Lodge, VP Cloud Services, VMware

Moderator: Robin Vasan, General Partner, Mayfield Fund


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