Posted by: Greg Ness | May 22, 2013

At FiRe Thinking about Tomorrow’s Hybrid Cloud Panel

As I listen to the spectacular panels on big data and the revolution in data visualization tools at Future In Review it occurs to me that perhaps IT has become a kind of impediment to where business and science needs to go.  The very systems that have evolved to bring us to where we are today are becoming outmoded at an accelerated pace, thanks to the evolution of the tools which IT initially introduced.

One of the dominant themes so far at Fire13 has been the necessity to break down silos in science and technology to achieve greater visibility which in turn drives innovation. For my Hybrid Cloud Panel tomorrow afternoon I think I will introduce the “Why Hybrid Cloud Will Win” panel by talking about how CxOs should tackle the balancing act between functional yet outdated silos and tools and innovation occurring at an accelerating pace.

Someone just asked the data visualization panel a great question: “How do I control private data I’m sharing on public (cloud) projects?” The implications of the question from an IT perspective take us directly into the hybrid cloud model and the discussion CloudVelocity CEO Rajeev Chawla has initiated on hybrid cloud authentication services.


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