Posted by: Greg Ness | June 20, 2013

When will the Cloud (Really) Go Hybrid?

This is a follow up to my 2013 cloud predictions post from December. I wrote it as a comment response to my recent Azure blog on Seeking Alpha, then thought it worth posting (and tweaking) here:

It is a matter of weeks (or perhaps sooner) before Amazon really crosses the enterprise cloud chasm and embraces hybrid cloud. I think VMware and Microsoft moves will force their hand and the opportunity that they missed to lead this category in 2012 will have become apparent. Werner’s comments yesterday at Structure were, indeed, very encouraging.

Don’t get me wrong: Werner will forget more about cloud than I’ll ever know. But missing the hybrid cloud leadership ring (that was sitting there on the table last year) was a marketing error, not a product or technical error. They have been making great strides toward the enterprise from a product standpoint but their messaging is more closely aligned with small shops, new apps specifically designed for AWS, and single server apps.

That is why perhaps 95% of enterprise apps are not deployed on AWS (or any other IaaS cloud for that matter) despite the business case benefits: the path to bring them there is strewn with costs and risks that could far exceed the benefits. If the better mousetrap is locked up away from its buyers it won’t be used. And that is why cloud migration automation is strategic to the evolution of hybrid cloud.


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