Posted by: Greg Ness | November 27, 2013

The Power of Cloud Transformation

Let’s face it, over the years I’ve been pretty hard on the public cloud dream and the vision of running production apps exclusively in the cloud. I’ve been critical of Amazon “over marketing” the public cloud and promoting the idea of the enterprise w/o data centers.

Events in the last few months have started bringing me around much closer to Amazon’s vision, albeit I still think that hybrid cloud will win over the next 5-10 years. I think the cloud battle could come down to Amazon, Google and Microsoft with VMware and perhaps a dozen service providers competing based on specialized services and geographic/regulatory footprints. Then there is the rise of OpenStack as a more agile upgrade to virtualized private clouds, not to mention CloudStack for service providers.

What has changed my mind, after years of data center-centric thinking? A company called QL2 Software has shown me the light when it comes to public cloud for the enterprise.  Disclosure: Yes, I came across QL2 because they are a CloudVelocity customer. 

QL2 was running 5+ racks of server in colocation, which they had calculated was costing them about 20% more than AWS, because the apps and databases running in the environment were spikey.  QL2 wasn’t looking to AWS for cost savings, even though they were notable. They were looking to enhance agility and shift their IT team from being rack maintenance/upkeep-centric to focusing on new product and service development.

Earlier this week I spoke to QL2’s Operations Director Samir Bhakta and he mentioned how his team was now more strategic and developing new products versus simply keeping IT running. Reducing costs was simply the gravy.  I’ll let him tell the story soon in an upcoming webinar we’re planning. Stay tuned. It is a pretty impressive testimonial about the transformative power of the cloud. AWS… you’ve come a long way.  I’m still a hybrid cloud believer but what QL2 has demonstrated in a matter of weeks thanks to your cloud is mind-blowing. You can read more here at the CloudVelocity blog.



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