Posted by: Greg Ness | April 26, 2014

CloudVelocity named Cool Vendor in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery by Gartner

Thanks to a great product and some great customers we were cited as a Cool Vendor by Gartner for our One Hybrid Cloud™ platform.  I don’t think I can say it any better than Gartner VP John Morency who included CloudVelocity in the report after a series of briefings and customer interviews:

“The result is the realization of hybrid cloud computing that can be equally effective in supporting both selective application failover as well as data center-wide disaster recovery without incurring unnecessary fixed monthly service costs.” 

AGILITY: Profound Implications for Hybrid Cloud

How many vendors have promoted a “static” hybrid cloud that is still locked in to facilities with fixed monthly costs and similarly throttled use cases?  Their bottom line: you build more capacity yet use it more efficiently.

Agility –the ability to avoid fixed monthly costs in favor of usage-based costs- is the real hybrid cloud payoff. You use IaaS as needed, with minimal monthly payments for storage costs.

See the illustration below comparing hybrid cloud IaaS costs and utilization for disaster recovery, for example, when compared to the costs of a dedicated facility.

A Powerful New Cloud DR Operating Model

A Powerful New Cloud DR Operating Model

The combination of CloudVelocity agility with AWS IaaS makes the hybrid cloud a powerful game changer, as you can read here at Cloud DR Pilot Light is Powerful and within a CloudVelocity case study tied to a one week hybrid cloud deployment for an entire Oracle ecommerce stack. As you can see, agility is the game changer, not merely a 10-30% reduction in monthly costs for those in dedicated facilities.

The idea of paying for IaaS only when needed (the pilot light operating model) is a game changer. It can:

  • Reduce disaster recovery costs to such an extent that many important apps today that are unprotected can be protected; and
  • Reduce overall IT capex and opex by reducing the amount of idle data center capacity deployed simply for occasional use.

You can read more at the CloudVelocity blog on the top six cloud DR benefits.


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