Posted by: Greg Ness | May 13, 2014

Cloud DR is the Future and the Present

Since launching Archimedius more than 6 years ago I’ve enjoyed pontificating about long term trends, from the rise of virtualization security to software-defined networking and the internet of things.  Lately I’ve been on a data center consolidation and cloud DR kick, spurred by career choices architected to place me at the heart of the vortex. That vortex arrived within the last three weeks.

Cloud DR is  taking shape now as organizations seek more agility and cost savings.

If you are interested in tracking Cloud DR, check out these very cool resources, including the upcoming on-demand webinar:

Check Out This Gartner Webinar

1) AWS Advanced Strategies in Disaster Recovery webinar on YouTube (just posted- already with 150+ views). Contact me for the slides.

2) Gartner’s 2014 Cool Vendor report on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

3) One of the first Cloud DR case studies, based on the City of Asheville, NC and their ability to leverage the AWS cloud for extending protection and increasing test agility.

Think sizable cost reductions and increases in agility for apps that do not require active/active DR. I’m already working on my next blog stimulated by dinner last night with one of the world’s leading cloud architects.

Cloud DR allows organizations to increase DR trust while reducing spend.

Cloud DR allows organizations to increase DR trust while reducing spend.


Great article on Asheville’s pioneering work in AWS:

“And whereas the cloud is more commonly used to back up data for companies or individuals, Next City, a nonprofit and quarterly magazine based in Philadelphia, credits Asheville as being one of the first cities to use a cloud-based data recovery system — and this kind of forward-thinking is winning our city (and our CIO) awards for its use of this innovation.”

Jonathan Rajeev CIO Impact Award

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