Posted by: Greg Ness | October 22, 2014

2015 and the Cloud: When the Walls Come Down

Cloud Migration Automation

The CloudVelox cloud migration gears

Before we see a rush of 2015 predictions let me offer up an unspoken 900 pound gorilla:

  • In 2015 the perceived costs of cloud migration for existing production apps will drop by more than 50%; it will trigger a massive (and fast) market share battle unleashed by unprecedented automation

Why this will happen:

  • A new generation of cloud integrators will establish leadership with automated cloud migration software, augmented by their specialized services;
  • The entry of Azure and the rise of OpenStack will force cloud providers to reduce onboarding costs as a matter of necessity;
  • Cloud providers and integrators who continue to rely exclusively on manual scripts, image conversion tools and hourly-billed projects will quickly become out of favor; and
  • Cloud DR will emerge as a game-changing use case for traditional apps running pilot light DR operating models on disruptive cloud providers.

Key Assumptions:

  • Cloud migration represents a material expense for most existing apps looking to be deployed in the cloud and it will become even more obvious as cloud adoption intensifies;
  • Cloud providers and leading integrators will go to market with solutions and messages directly targeting those who have either experimented with early migration tools (and failed or gave up) or have been convinced by “body shops” that the old way is the best way.

In 2015, the silos of traditional IT will no longer be protected by erroneous assumptions tied to cloud security, management and compliance. New truths will emerge, including the notion that cloud security is really a code word for career insecurity. The walls separating best practices in the cloud from traditional IT will start to come down… in 2015.

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