Posted by: Greg Ness | October 23, 2014

The Cloud in 2015: Startup Ecosystem Explosion

This is a follow-up blog that is part of a series of 2015 cloud predictions. The first one, entitled When the Walls Come Down, had the following as the central thesis: In 2015 the perceived costs of cloud migration for existing production apps will drop by more than 50%; it will trigger a massive (and fast) market share battle unleashed by unprecedented automation.

CloudVelox Offices are Here

Enterprises Will Reach for the Clouds in 2015 – Like Never Before

That takes me to prediction number two:

  • The development of a new generation of software and service-centric startups will leverage software and robust API integration to offer next generation IT capabilities well beyond the walls of traditional IT, including:
  • enhanced cloud disaster recovery, security and compliance, over and above the capabilities of most firms;
  • new PaaS offerings, including specialized big data platforms for underserviced verticals, including genetic research and specialty ecommerce;
  • more sophisticated internet of things (IoT) management and security capabilities; and
  • bold new IT operating models that will increase agility while reducing costs.

Today, there are already 3-4 “sub-50 person startups” being heralded by cloud execs as strategic to the new (enterprise) cloud age. Expect that list to grow to 15-20 by the end of 2015. Even the tragically hip cloud management space will come of age in 2015, enabled by accelerating deployments.

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