Posted by: Greg Ness | October 24, 2014

2015 – A Cloud Odyssey

This is the third in a series of cloud predictions for 2015, starting with When the Walls Come Down, which predicted that workload migration (into the cloud) costs would drop by more than 50% in 2015; then continuing with The Cloud Startup Ecosystem Explosion, which predicted the impact that cloud market share gains in 2015 would have on the evolution of a more robust and powerful cloud ecosystem. That ecosystem would ignite a revolution in IT best practices, akin to the rise of the personal computer and network, inside the hallowed halls of IT.

If you thought the enterprise web was amazing, get ready for the enterprise cloud movement.

The enterprise cloud takes me to the subject of this 3rd  “predictions for 2015” blog, namely the rise of “white box” cultures that shift the buying paradigm from hardware to software and services. It’s all about agility and efficiency.

  • Growth will slow to a crawl for the specialty hardware-bound, and will escalate for the emerging white box ecosystem players. Enter the game changing rise of increasingly powerful, multifunctional, rack-able, scalable white boxes designed for on premise, cloud-scale IT.
  • White box will be the necessary and appropriate response of premise-bound IT to the increased agility and efficiency offered by the cloud providers.
The Sun is Starting to Set on the Cloud Slackers

The Sun is Starting to Set on the Cloud Slackers

Hardware becomes commodity, and software and services becomes strategic.

2015 will be a wakeup call for all tech vendors still living in the hardware-centric world. It won’t be the end of specialty hardware, but simply the beginning of the end. In a few years IT pros will look back upon specialty infrastructure hardware as today they look back at rotary phones and punch cards. At some point even virtualization platforms will start to feel like traps instead of productivity pivots.  It will get underway next year, in 2015.

That will likely mean some very adventurous years for the cloud slackers, starting with the vendors who sell to them. Hence the title: 2015 – A Cloud Odyssey.

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