Posted by: Greg Ness | November 4, 2014

Three Years of Cloud Predictions

I just published a series of 2015 cloud predictions, as have many fellow bloggers.  So to complement these predictions let me offer my 2013 and 2014 predictions, along with 2015.  I’ll let you decide which ones I got right and which ones I missed as we look to 2015:


Dec 2012: Top Five Cloud Predictions for 2013

Hybrid cloud will enter the hype cycle; AWS will publicly acknowledge the hybrid cloud; traditional premise-bound colocation leaders will lose market share to cloud-enabled colo players; public versus private cloud debates will be rendered meaningless; new hybrid cloud startups and “makeovers” will enter the market.

Dec 2013: AWS will Enter Hybrid Cloud Market in 2014

The title speaks for itself, but it also predicts the rise of reInvent as AWS shifts to a more enterprise-friendly product and message.

Oct 2014: 2015: A Cloud Odyssey

Three predictions about what will take shape in 2015, including a massive drop in cloud migration expenses.

Additional Reading

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