Posted by: Greg Ness | December 19, 2014

The Amazon versus VMware Cloud War Reader

A series of articles written about the new cloud war between Amazon and VMware has attracted plenty of interest, despite being spread across a few media sites and Archimedius.


So I thought I would put them together in a single location for easy reference with other blogs that put the conflict within a broader perspective:

Amazon Declares War on VMware (Seeking Alpha – 11/14/14)

Amazon Declares War on VMware – Part Deux (Seeking Alpha – 11/19/14)

Amazon on a Collision Course with VMware  (InformationWeek – 12/18/14)

Three Years of Cloud Predictions (Archimedius – 11/4/14)

Who Will Win the Cloud War? (VMblog Tea Garden interview – 9/8/14)

My 2012 Cloud Predictions – for 2013 (Archimedius – 12/20/12)

Silicon Valley startup leverages hybrid cloud (CloudVelox blog – 71 second video – 12/7/14)

Happy holidays and thanks for reading Archimedius!


Additional Recommended Reading

Our Cloud DR Story – InformationWeek on emerging best practices in the cloud- significant reduction in migration and DR costs with enhanced protection.

Cloud DR on AWS: Best Practices 24 page guide with key terms, glossary, checklist.  For your arsenal.

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