Posted by: Greg Ness | January 29, 2015

Asheville CIO Nails the Cloud DR Value Prop, Takes Efficiency and Trust to New Level

Cloud DR allows organizations to increase DR trust while reducing spend.

Cloud DR allows organizations to increase DR trust while reducing spend.

Just saw Why Asheville’s CIO Trusts the Cloud with His City this morning.  CIO Feldman has always been a trailblazer.  Yet I think he nailed the value proposition of the cloud for city governments operating under the strains of limited IT budgets and growing service demands:

A disaster recovery center is by definition redundant. Redundancy is good from a public safety standpoint, Feldman says, but terribly expensive, especially for a small city like Asheville (pop. 87,000), where the city’s IT budget is less than 2 percent of its overall budget. And the backups sit idle much of the year. “It’s a terrible use of taxpayer funds,” Feldman says.

He says that while some IT guys have an emotional response to outsourcing systems (“We don’t trust the cloud, because it’s not us”), he thinks the cloud is the future for cities. Just as it makes more sense to go to the surgeon who’s done 150 similar operations, “you want a really experienced person doing your security. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, they get attacked every day and they’re good at it.

Bravo Jonathan!  Not just for nailing the (trust) value prop but for leading the public sector to a new level of service, accountability and efficiency! Note: In February CIO Feldman will be receiving a CIO Impact award from Frost and Sullivan in cloud computing.  Last year Asheville won a City on a Cloud best practices grand prize from Amazon AWS.

Read more about Asheville’s leadership from their local newspaper. Great article!


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