Posted by: Greg Ness | March 6, 2015

Cloud DR Leaders: Lunch With Impinj

I was in Seattle for a couple days this week for meetings and had a chance to catch lunch at Agrodolce (a great local restaurant in Fremont) with Impinj IT leader Morgan Van Wely.

Lunch with Morgan

As I enjoyed fresh olives from Sicily Morgan talked about the Cloud DR payoff, which was primarily trust and cost savings.  The Impinj secondary data center was in another state (great for locality) and very hard for their team to manage and test as needed.

So they started their cloud DR program with a key, mission-critical app, including a new 3 month regular DR test plan.  Yes, the up-front cost savings were substantial. The real payoff, however, was a higher level of trust in a new, regularly-tested DR environment.

Impinj is the leading provider of UHF RFID solutions.  Very cool, timely technology.

Stay tuned for more on Impinj…

Thanks Morgan!


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