Posted by: Greg Ness | July 2, 2017

Ukraine is the Front Line of the Cyber War- Upcoming Panel at Future in Review

My recent Vidder blog on security in the new cyber world explains why security will become more important to business success in the digital age and why CISOs will become as important to CMOs in most consumer and B2B companies.

The world’s cyber future looks more like Ukraine, the emerging frontline of a growing conflict between entrepreneurial hackers, nation states interacting in a virtual marketplaces of exploits, tools, identities marketplaces and a shrinking population of cyber security experts defending critical and increasingly complex systems.

If you think the cyber war in Ukraine will stay within its borders think again. We may already be embroiled in a stealth, undeclared cyber war.

With larger populations of devices accessing more complex, shared infrastructures attached to increasing exposed systems you have a market of growing opportunity for fast growing populations of cybercriminals and their sponsors living beyond the reach of domestic law enforcement and perhaps even international treaties.

That’s why I’m putting together a cyber war panel for Future in Review this October in Park City. Stay tuned!



  1. Ukraine still under cyber attack as the world watches.

  2. Corporate profits to take more hits from Ukraine cyber attack- Reuters

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