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Trust is under attack and things are about to get much worse. I joined Vidder in January 2016 (after four years at CloudVelox) because I think security is broken and the industry is ripe for disruption. Stay tuned.

These are my rants and ramblings, mostly about networking, security and virtualization. I’ve been in more than a thousand briefings with analysts, press and enterprises over the years and I’ve noticed a sizable gap between private whispers and public conversations/coverage when it comes to technology, trends and players.

This is my blog for sharing real time perspectives behind the headlines. None of my posts constitute investment advice. I am the VP WW Marketing at Vidder. I was also named as a Power Player in Technology Business Media in 2013.

My target audience is perhaps 100 of the most influential thought leaders in information technology.  I initially created Archimedius  in order to more effectively communicate with people who once required heavy travel and elaborate slide presos.

Since then I’ve expanded to reach industry peers and CXOs at leading, technologically progressive organizations.

Feel free to email me with comments at gregory.nessatyahoodotcom.

Now here is my disclaimer/disclosure: These are my opinions and mine alone.

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  1. This is a pretty neat blog Greg. BTW while I was browsing AlwaysOn today, I saw a user profile pop up from a visitor called Tom Patterson.

    When I checked up on who he was, apparently he is in the security field as well, addressing security at the global and corporate level it seems. Sounds like an interesting guy.

    Anyway the best with archimedius, looks like a great platform for you to address your thoughts about Netsec and Virtsec etc.


  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Good stuff here. Call me.


  4. Wrhel Consulting and Design…

    […] … great article that everyone should read […]…

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