Posted by: Greg Ness | February 15, 2012

Looking Beyond the Vanilla Data Center

Last year on Earth Day Vantage Data Centers launched its Smart Data Center Revolution , heralding a shift in the wholesale data center industry from vanilla “one design fits all” space to highly custom and highly energy efficient data centers strategically aligned to specific enterprise needs.  While there will always be vanilla data center space, it seems likely that private clouds will increasingly be located in spaces at least partly designed by their occupants.

The Cloud is Driving the Shift from Vanilla

Billowing beneath the cloud is the growing realization that power and cooling costs are becoming strategic issues as data centers deploy more powerful servers, especially as IT infrastructure approaches and/or exceeds 1MW of power.  Even the business case for public cloud can erode when environments consume large enough amounts of power.

In addition, cloud operating models are forcing enterprises to reduce IT costs, and power is one of the largest variable costs for many enterprises.  Conventional enterprise data centers (walls and generators, as some call them) can easily waste 50% or more of the power intended for their IT infrastructure.  Vanilla data centers are improvements, but don’t offer the advantages possible with customized space.

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Also check out Jon Koomey’s Cold Cash, Cool Climate: Science-Based Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs (9780970601933): Jonathan Koomey PhD: Books which published today, for additional insights on data center efficiency.


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